Oldhamstocks Community Hardship Fund

CovidTo assist the community during the Covid Pandemic the OCA Committee has set up a hardship fund.  This is open to anyone in the Parish of Oldhamstocks (this includes Oldhamstocks, Cocklaw, Dunglass, Bilsdean, Birnieknowes, Stottencleugh, Ferneylea, Woollands etc.)

1. The OCA Hardship Fund (OCAHF) is a discretionary Fund to support unforeseen emergencies and should only be used when all other avenues have been considered.
The Fund cannot replace statutory funding.

2. The OCAHF is designed to provide support to those Oldhamstocks parish residents who are experiencing unexpected financial distress as a direct result of Coronavirus / Covid-19.

3. The OCAHF is there to help with unexpected costs which are unable to be met from either personal or statutory finances and which threaten to impact on well-being, either physically or mentally.

4. OCAHF will prioritise those parish residents experiencing the most severe financial difficulty

5. OCAHF will prioritise items which will have the most benefit to the applicant.

6. OCAHF currently has £5000 available. This will be reviewed every 4 weeks, based on need within the Community.

7. The OCAHF is administered by Oldhamstocks Community Association (OCA) and will be based on applications made directly to us and referrals from the Oldhamstocks Covid Responders (OC19R).

The application form can be accessed as pdf here OCA Coronavirus Hardship Fund – Application Form and Criteria Rev 4 or as a Word document here  (once opened click on the download icon at the top right to save a copy)

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Lynn Harris, Secretary, Oldhamstocks Community Association info@oldhamstocks.org.uk 07887 950636