New Email List Sign Up

Please sign up to our new email list.  We have received some feedback that people are not getting messages from the Oldhamstocks Community association about events and updates, when investigating this we are not sure if the current email list is 100% accurate so have decided to set up a new email system.

We have chosen MailChimp to make the email list easier to manage for you, the current committee and future committees.  MailChimp is very widely used and was recommended to us by Sustaining Dunbar.

To sign up please click on this link.

Any difficulties please email

The early years

As far back as the late 1970’s there were problems maintaining the hall roof and windows. In 1996 the Committee applied for national funding to rebuild the hall stating ” The present hall is of a wooden construction and was purchased second hand from the MOD Circa 1952 and is now somewhat worse for wear.

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