Committee meeting, March 5th 2024

Highlights: CSY Architects had provided a series of revised sketches, which took into consideration comments/recommendations made by the ELC Planner. These were discussed with a view to moving to a final Planning Application. Still no progress from Savills on the land purchase. ELC have advised that they are willing to empty new dog waste bins if OCA can install them.

Meeting minutes 2.3.24

Committee meeting, October 3rd 2023

Highlights: CSY have contacted with ELC Planning and Roads to clear up apparent contradictions vs published Planning Standards regarding the parking requirements for the new hall. Awaiting response. Various parking schemes have been discussed between CSY and OCA. The point of maintaining the conservation status of the village green has been raised as a strong counter to the most obvious parking locations. Land purchase price agreed – just waiting on precise legal fees.

Meeting minutes 3.10.23

Committee meeting, September 6th 2023

Highlights: Community meetings for the Local Place Plan were arranged. ELC have replied to the village hall Planning Application with some concerns. Key objections, amongst other points, were lack of new parking, and the moving of stone material from the existing village green wall. CSY have advised that we should withdraw the application and submit a Pre Planning application, which should facilitate more detailed discussions with ELC. OCA have agreed to this.

Meeting minutes 6.9.23

Committee meeting, July 4th 2023

Highlights: An offer of a purchase price for the village hall land has been received. The committee felt the offer was far too high and have drafted a letter in response.

The Planning Application is now only waiting on clarification on pricing before going live on the ELC website.

Works is under way to get OCA SCIO officially recognised as a VAT-exempt charity. This will save us substantial amounts on the hall build.

Meeting minutes 4.7.23