Committee meeting, March 5th 2024

Highlights: CSY Architects had provided a series of revised sketches, which took into consideration comments/recommendations made by the ELC Planner. These were discussed with a view to moving to a final Planning Application. Still no progress from Savills on the land purchase. ELC have advised that they are willing to empty new dog waste bins if OCA can install them.

Meeting minutes 2.3.24

OCA/OCA SCIO AGM announcement

OCA and (technically separate!) OCA SCIO are pleased to invite you to this year’s AGM. Please save the date! Sunday 28th January 2024, 2.00pm in the Village Hall.

As usual, a summary of the big news of the year will be given and both committees will stand down and be re-elected.

If you are not already, please consider signing up to be a voting community member of the SCIO. This will be necessary in order to vote in new SCIO committee! You can sign up here.

Village Hall – Pre Planning Submitted

Modified site plan, including tentative parking proposal near the church

Our Pre Planning Application for the new hall has now been submitted to East Lothian Council. As per the advice from our architects, we recently withdrew the original Planning Application, in order to give ourselves time to resolve some of the issues that were raised by ELC. The two main points were the provision of sufficient parking, and amount of the existing stone wall that was proposed to be taken down (even though the material was to be reused).

OCA would like to be clear that although this Pre Planning Application is an official process with ELC, the general purpose of such applications is to facilitate a detailed conversion with the council, allowing applicants to get some feedback on what is likely to be accepted or not, but without any final commitment to the submitted drawings. As such, the plans we are sharing here (although identical to our original submission in most details!) do not officially represent definite design choices at this point.

Despite this, we wanted to share the submission with the community, as it does represent a big positive step forward!

The documents that CSY have drawn up for this are considerably more extensive than the last submission. You can download and read the entire pack here. The major changes are those pictured in this post: the addition of a parking area and potential EV charging points near the church, and the reconstruction of a larger length of stone wall to the west of the new hall – (K) in the image below, and also (J), where the stone is now used in the construction of the front steps. Much more has also been included on the heritage and conservation status of the village, which will be important in ensuring parking solutions are sympathetic to the green and the village.

Modified front elevation, including rebuilding and reusing more of the original stone wall material

The next steps are to wait for written feedback from ELC and to organise a site meeting with a council representative. Both are expected in January. CSY feel sure that this will help us overcome any remaining issues and get us back to a full Planning Application.

As always, questions or comments are welcome. Please email